The Right Part On Time, Every Time

The Right Part On Time, Every Time

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Custom Gasket Cutting Services

Tailored and Customized Engineered Gasket and Seals

Beacon Gasket & Seals represents the best manufacturers in the industry and serves as a stocking distributor for engineered gaskets and sealing systems. With extensive experience in the gasket and sealing sector, we specialize in solutions that improve your operational efficiency. Supported by The Beacon Experience, customers are able to get the right part on time, every time.

We are fully tooled and our custom gasket cutting services can cut your required solutions from a wide range of materials, including Compressed Non-Asbestos, Gylon, ePTFE, Flexible Graphite, Viton, Teflon, Silicone, Red Rubber, Neoprene, Cloth Inserted Rubber and other materials.

If you need metallic pipe flange gaskets, we provide a wide range of styles and brands ranging from Graphonic®, Tephonic®, Kammprofile, Corrugated, Jacketed, Ring Joint, and many others. We can cover any request or requirement.

Please contact us for price and delivery not only for pipe flange gaskets, but for any custom gasket cutting services you require for either OEM or maintenance usage.

Material Selection for Custom Gasket Cutting

The proper selection of packing, gasket or seal materials is dependent on the operating conditions of the equipment. Six parameters of the equipment must be determined before a proper packing recommendation can be made. We use the acronym “STAMPS” to designate these parameters:

  • S = Size — cross section or gasket dimensions
  • T = Temperature — of media being sealed
  • A = Application — type of equipment (i.e., pumps, valves, mixers, etc.)
  • M = Media — material being sealed
  • P = Pressure — of media being sealed
  • S = Speed — shaft speed in fpm (pumps only)

Beacon Gasket & Seals Co. Custom and Standard Gasket

Critical Sealing Products

Custom gasket cutting can be used to tailor any of a long list of products to fit your application requirements perfectly. From non metallic or metal gaskets to high temperature textiles, expansion joints, and hydraulic and pneumatic packing, see all the sealing solutions we provide.

Valuable Information Resources

From flange gasket dimensions to our manufacturing partnerships and individual project spec sheets, you’ll find a wealth of information on engineered gasket and sealing solutions in our resource center. Find what you need here and our custom gasket cutting services will make it an ideal solution.