The Right Part On Time, Every Time

The Right Part On Time, Every Time

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Metal Gaskets

Decades of Experience in Solving Companies’ Most Challenging Metal Gasket and Service Needs

Powered by manufacturing leaders such as Garlock, Flexitallic, and Teadit, Beacon Seals & Gaskets is a supplier of proven metal gasket solutions designed to deliver results. With options in a wide range of styles and application usage, we provide the right part for your specific sealing needs.

Metallic & Spiral Wound Gaskets

Considered one of the best all-around seals, the spiral wound gasket offers a low-cost solution that has the ability to handle temperature and pressure fluctuations. Multiple plies of metal and filler in the spiral create a barrier that reduces the possibility of leaks.

Garlock offers up examples of the difference-making impact a high-quality metal gasket provides. Garlock Controlled Density™ is found on all 150 and 300 lb. class flexible graphite-filled gaskets and delivers a constant filler density across gasket winding. This leads to a high tightness level achieved with a minimal bolt load.

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Graphonic® Metallic Gasket

This line of Garlock corrugated metal gaskets are known for their superior reliability and excellent sealing performance, even in the most difficult of applications. These gaskets combine a corrugated metal core with a compressible sealing element of various materials. This allows resistance to a diverse range of harsh conditions, including extreme temperatures, corrosive chemicals, and thermal cycling.

This line comes in three distinct varieties:

Graphonic Gasket

  • Flexible graphite sealing element
  • Accommodates a wide range of temperatures
  • Effective during thermal cycling
  • Withstands API and FITT fire tests
  • Chemically resistant
  • Long service life

Tephonic® Gasket

  • ePTFE sealing element
  • Chemically inert
  • Forms tight seal under low bolt load
  • Conforms to minor sealing surface imperfections
  • Withstands temperatures up to 500oF (260oC)

G.E.T.™ Gasket

  • Graphite and ePTFE sealing elements
  • Combines fire safety with chemical resistance
  • Conforms to minor sealing surface imperfections
  • Rigid, yet compressible

Heat Exchanger Gaskets

Exchanger and Vessel gaskets come in many makeups. For example, Garlock produces a variety of solid metal, metal clad, and metal core gaskets. These also come in an array of styles, with the more popular options including double-jacketed gaskets, Kammprofile, corrugated gaskets, and solid metal gaskets. In addition, all come available in a choice of metals and filler materials.

Heat exchanger gaskets are also available in custom configurations. For example, spiral windings can be designed with or without partitions welded to the winding, or inner and outer rings with welded partitions.

Other Miscellaneous Styles

At Beacon Gasket & Seals, we’re dedicated to finding the right part — no matter the configuration — for your sealing needs. We’ll work with you to find the specific style of metal gasket needed to ensure the success of your application.

You can find more details and information about all of our product offerings, and more in our resources section. You can also contact our sales team at any time to request more information about what sealing solution will best suit your needs.

Additional Metal Gasket Styles

  • Corrugated Solid Metal
  • Double Jacketed
  • Double Jacketed Corrugated
  • Double Jacketed Corrugated with Corrugated Metal Filler
  • Double Shell
  • Single Jacketed
  • Single Jacketed Overlap
  • Single & Double Jacketed Profile
  • Solid Metal
  • Solid Metal Profile
  • Solid Metal with Flexible Graphite Covering
  • Two Piece French Type