The Right Part On Time, Every Time

The Right Part On Time, Every Time

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Tailored and Customized Solutions, No Matter the Material, Type, or Style

Beacon Gasket & Seals provides quick and responsive fulfillment of gasket and sealing solutions provided by the best manufacturers. With a wide range of non-metallic and metal gasket styles and profiles in many different material combinations, we deliver sealing products for every task and application design.

With our proven Beacon Experience methodology, we’ll find and identify the right sealing products for use in your specific applications. With a focus on seeking the most efficient and cost-effective solutions, we provide sealing products for every day sealing needs and uniquely challenging sealing problems alike.

Here you can find many of our more popular sealing products from gaskets and high temperature textile materials to expansion joints and hydraulic packings, and more. If you have questions about a specific sealing product or gasket application requirement, we invite you to contact our sales personnel to learn more.

Visit our Resources section to learn more about flange gasket dimensions, our manufacturing partners, application data sheets, and much more.

Non-Metallic Gaskets

Whether you need standard non–metal gaskets, a custom fabrication, or gasketing and sheeting materials, we have the options you need.

Metal Gaskets

We provide metal gaskets in a variety of miscellaneous styles, including heat exchanger gaskets, spiral-wound gaskets, and brand-name solutions like Graphonic®.

High Temperature Products

With a wide variety of high temperature products and custom fabrications for Industrial and Marine applications, you can get fiberglass, ceramics, and other materials usable in extremely high temperatures.

Expansion Joints

We offer a wide variety of elastomeric, PTFE, and metal expansion joints and flexible connectors suitable for use in many different environments.

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Packings

We offer a large and versatile stock of packings for all service applications including jacks, lifts, and pneumatic cylinders, extrusion and injection molding presses, and many more.