The Right Part On Time, Every Time

The Right Part On Time, Every Time

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The Beacon Experience

Using a Proven Process to Deliver the Most Efficient and Cost-Effective Sealing Solutions

The Beacon Gasket & Seals Co. is fourth-generation, family-owned business that has focused its collective knowledge, experience, and creativity into providing not just every day sealing needs, but also in offering engineered gasket and seals to solve the most challenging sealing problems. Dedicated to serving solutions in the most efficient and cost-effective methods possible, we rely on a proven process to meet your criteria and deliver impactful results.

Because of our value-driven process, we’re able to issue a guarantee to our customers: “Get the right part, on time, every time.”

Our Proven Process — The Beacon Experience

Every client relationship at Beacon Gasket & Seals is built on The Beacon Experience, our proven process that delivers results for customers we’re excited to serve. Here’s a step-by-step look at how we build true partnerships with our clients.

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Right from the start, we’ll be clear and transparent. We’ll take time to introduce our company during our initial online consultation, what we do, what ‘The Beacon Experience’ means, and how it affects you.


Up Front Contract

Once a we decide to move forward, we’ll arrange the details and set the parameters. You’ll know your point of contact and will always be able to contact us with any questions about the project.



Next we’ll find a solution and a product that makes sense for your specific application requirements. We’ll ask questions to learn more about the application, complete engineering and installation reviews, walk through material selection through our STAMPS method, and settle on a product selection.



We’ll make sure we’re aligned with your goals related to the project. Are there any specific limitations? Is there a tight time table? What is the budget allotted? We’ll help you weigh the cost of the potential solutions against performance, and keep your costs in mind at every step.



We’ll undergo an engineering review if applicable, including drawings submitted. From engineering and design to the manufacturing of the final product, you’ll be in the loop at every step.



We’ll review, confirm, and deliver your product as promised. From purchase order to acknowledgement and delivery, our guarantee means you’ll get the part needed for your application, when you need it.



Once the parts are delivered, we’ll remain your engineered gasket and sealing partner. We can offer training onsite, or via remote meeting technology. We can refer you to other divisions or sister companies for additional services. And if you need ongoing inventory management assistance, we can help you navigate supply chain challenges with blanket order and stock management solutions.

Custom Gasket Cutting

We do more than simply provide gaskets and seals; we help you find ideal solutions to all your sealing challenges with services that include fabrication and material selection.

Sealing Products of Every Type

From high temperature textiles, hydraulic packing seals, and pipe expansion seals to an incredible array of metal and non metallic gaskets, we have the wide range of products needed to find your perfect solution.