THERMa-PUR® 4122 is yet another innovative Garlock sealing solution that provides more than just temperature resistance. Style 4122 is designed for use in high temperature sealing applications. It is produced using an environmentally friendly solvent-free process and combines a unique formulation with Garlock’s traditional quality. THERMa-PUR® out performed vermiculite based gaskets in laboratory testing, showing significantly less leakage even in extreme thermal cycling condition.


Features and Benefits:


  • Extreme Temperature Able to withstand high temperature, whether continuous or in thermal cycling conditions

  • Oxidation Resistance Contains proprietary materials that provide improved weight loss characteristics over other high temperature solutions. (see graph)

  • Hydrophobic & Electrically Insulating Resists water and provides electrical isolation thus reducing the possibility of corrosion between flanges made of dissimilar metals

  • Easy Release from Flanges Does not stick to flanges making removal of gaskets easy and fast

  • Safer Handling Patent-pending fiber core makes gaskets safer to handle when compared to traditional high temperature gaskets with steel cores


Ideal For:

  • Marine and Land-based Exhaust Systems » Biomass Gasification Process

  • Oil and Gas Production

  • Mineral and Fertilizer Processing

  • Cut Gaskets (4122-FC) Corrugated Metal Gasket (4122-CMG)

  • Incineration Process

  • Co-generation Systems

  • Turbochargers Equipment » Process Drying Equipment

ABS Certification


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