HYDRA-JUST™ Engineered Sealing System

The Hydra-Just™ Rotary Seal is a revolutionary concept to replace mechanical seals in industrial pumping applications. This new technology provides leak free, no dilution and "outage-to-outage" service in slurry applications. The unique Hydra-Just™ design allows it to survive system upsets just as the seal's chemical and abrasion resistant components allow it to excel in your toughest applications. Additionally the excellent heat dissipation properties enable the seal to be maintained with as little as 2 US Gallons per hour.

Values & Benefits

  • Performs routinely in hostile applications where mechanical seals have not performed satisfactorily
  • Uses minimal water, and does not migrate to the media, saving expensive flush and positively impacting recovery costs
  • Will not damage your equipment, saving replacement part costs
  • Adjustable - lasts longer than packing and mechanical seals
HYDRA-JUST™ Engineered Sealing System

Ideal for –

  • Slurries, non-clarified media
  • Replacement for mechanical seals
  • Refiners
  • Bottom outlet devices
  • Kaymr digesters
  • General industry

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