Garlock® ONE-UP® Pump Diaphragms Technical Information

Field Testing

GARLOCK® ONE-UP® pump diaphragms have been extensively field tested in a wide variety of industries including chemical processing, paint, solvent and detergent manufacturing, and wastewater treatment. Documented case histories show that the average service life is 3.5 times longer than conventional PTFE diaphragms.


Long Service Life

The superiority of the PTFE technology developed by Garlock ensures that pump diaphragms will provide extended service life.

Property ASTM Method Sample Dimensions (Thickness) Conventional PTFE (Literature) Gore PTFE
(Test Data)
Flex Life
(MM cycles)
ASTM-D-2176 0.020in  0.600in 4.1 70+*
Impact Strength
(ft lbs/in)
ASTM-D-256 0.220 in 2 – 3.5 30.4
Tensile Strength (psi) ASTM-D-638 0.220 in 4000-5200 14920
Mullins Burst (psi) ASTM-D-3786 0.020 in 180** 540
Tensile Creep
(1000 hr,  1000 psi)
ASTM-D-2990 0.100 in 20%-30%** 9%-10%
Sample dimensions are given to compare conventional PTFE to Garlock's PTFE for testing purposes and do not represent actual diaphragm dimensions.
* Test was stopped over time
** Actual test results for conventional PTFE film.

One-Up® Pump Diaphrams

Easy Installation

Since the GARLOCK® ONE-UP® pump diaphragm is a one-piece design, it is simple to install. Whether it incorporates bolt holes or a perimeter sealing bead, it fits easily into the pump housing without the difficulties associated with installing two-piece diaphragm sets.

Satisfication Guaranteed

We guarantee your satisfication. If, on your initial order, you are not completely satisfied with the performance-in-use of the diaphragms, return them to us for a full refund of the purchase price.


GARLOCK® ONE-UP® pump diaphragms are available for the following makes of air operated diaphragm pumps: ALMATEC, ARO, DEPA, BLAGDON, FLOTRONICS, GRACO, UNITEC, VERDER, VERSAMATIC, WARREN RUPP, WILDEN, YAMADA.

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