Syntron® Shaft Seals

Positive sealing of gases, fluids and lubricants

Roll Neck Shaft Seal
Positive Two-Way Seal to Protect Bearing Lubricant

Roll Neck Shaft SealsSyntron Roll Neck Seals provide a positive, two-way seal that is designed to keep out water-scale and debris while protecting the bearing lubricant. These seals are service-proven for both work and backup rolls in strip mills, tempering mills and other types of rolling mills. These seals can also be used on other types of equipment, when conditions of installation and sealing requirements are similar to that of a rolling mill. The operating advantages of installing Syntron Roll Neck Seals are extended roll bearing life, reduced equipment downtime and lower maintenance costs. Unlike other seals, Syntron Roll Neck Seals will not score the roll neck as the flexible sealing element, held under spring tension, revolves with the roll neck. The element sealing lips bear against both inner sides of the burnished seal housing which is stationary. All rubbing is confined to the seal parts and all wear takes place inside the seal itself-—-not on the roll neck.

Roll Neck Shaft Seal Illustration

Standard Style Housing (Mild Steel)

For 3/4≤ cross-section, the housing O.D. is always 1.508≤ +/- .002≤ above shaft size. For 1≤ cross-section, the housing O.D. is always 2.008≤ +/- .002≤ above shaft size. Special housings are machined to width and height as per application requirements. Seal element dimensions remain constant.

Installation Instructions & Data Sheet

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