GMP-I Single Cartridge Seal

Cost-effective and versatile balanced seal

The GMP-I balanced single cartridge seal provides the user with many features found on more expensive seals. Incorporating a cost-effective cartridge design, this versatile seal is available in a range of materials, making it ideal for a wide range of applications.



  • Preassembled cartridge is easy to install
  • Balanced internal design runs cooler and provides longer seal life
  • Fits standard ANSI pumps—no modification required
  • Rebuild kit available for easy in-field repair and reduced downtime
  • Attached setting clips prevent lost parts or damage to equipment
  • Minimal distance to first obstruction; dimensionally compatible with a wide range of bearing protectors
  • Stationary springs allow better face/seat alignment
Design Parameters
Minimum Shaft Diameter 1.000" (25.4 mm)
Maximum Shaft Diameter 4.000" (101.6 mm)
Pressure To 300 psi (20 bar)
Vacuum 28" (711 mm) Hg
Temperature To 400ºF (204ºC)
Surface speed To 5,000 fpm (25.4 m/s)
Runout Consult
Axial motion Consult
Spring Configuration Multiple stationary coil springs

Metallurgy 316SS and Alloy 20
Rotary face Silicon carbide (SA)
Stationary face Chemical grade carbon; tungsten carbide
Springs Hastelloy C
O-rings Fluoroelastomer standard, Aflas or Kalrez offered as alternative

Standard Configuration

GMP-I Illustration

Other Versatile Seals

GMP-II Double Balanced Cartridge Seal

  • Ideal for wide range of rotary equipment
  • Fits all standard ANSI pumps
  • Compact design, easy to install and repair
  • Balanced configuration runs cooler

P/S®-II Flexible Element Cartridge Seal

  • Effectively seals dense and viscous fluids
  • GYLON® sealing elements are chemically resistant and allow dry running
  • Easy in-field repair reduces costly downtime

P/S® and GYLON® are registered trademarks of Garlock.

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