GPA® Seals

Heavy-duty cartridge or component seal; balanced design


  • Designed to handle heavy slurries
  • Abrasion resistant materials
  • Special disc spring: no coil spring to clog
  • Requires no flush
  • Environmental friendly
  • Reduce operating costs

The GPA® was the first mechanical seal specifically designed to handle highly abrasive slurries. GPA® seals are very forgiving because of their simple design. There are currently two options available:

GPA® Threaded Type
Threaded type, where the sleeve is threaded on one end, allowing the compression on the spring diaphragm to be adjusted precisely by moving it along the mating thread on the shaft or shaft sleeve. The threaded type allows for some fine tuning in the field (figure 1).

GPA® Cartridge Type

Cartridge type, which is preset at the factory and can be installed without further adjustment. It does not require special machining of the shaft or shaft sleeve for installation. The ease of installation of the cartridge type seal makes it ideal for the first time user. As your maintenance personnel become familiar with the operation of the GPA® seal, the threaded type should be considered (figure 2).

Operating Parameters
Temperature (min/max) 32-310ºF/ 0-160ºC
Pressure Up to 300 psi (20 bar)
Shaft size 0.788" to 7.085" (20 to 180 mm)
Solid content Up to 70 0z/GAL (500 gr/L)
Shaft speed Up to 50 ft/sec (15 m/sec)

For more information on specific applications, materials, installation, styles and sizes, check our GPA Seals catalog.

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