Heat Exchanger Gaskets

Exchanger and Vessel Gaskets

Heat Exchanger GasketsGarlock manufactures a wide variety of solid metal, metal clad, and metal core gaskets. Among the most requested styles are double-jacketed gaskets, Kamm-profile, corrugated gaskets, and solid metal gaskets, all available in a choice of metals and filler materials.

Custom configurations of heat exchanger gaskets are also available. Spiral windings can be designed with or without partitions welded to the winding, or inner and outer rings with welded partitions. Contact Garlock for all of your heat exchanger and vessel gasket needs.

Garlock Heat Exchanger Gasket Configurations

Heat Exchanger Gasket Configurations


Gasket Outside Diameter Inside Diameter Tolerance Outside Diameter Tolerance
Up to 6º +1/32" / -0 +0 / -1/32"
6" to 60" +1/16" / -0 +0 / -1/16"
60" and above +3/32" / -0 +0 / -3/32"
Thickness: ±1/64" Radii: ±1/16"
Rib Width: ±1/64" Rib Location: ±1/16"

Gasket Widths

Gasket Diameter Minimum Width
(Gasket and Ribs)
Maximum Width
Up to 12" 3/16" *
Over 12" 1/4" *

* Note: There is no maximum width for heat exchanger gaskets.

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